planlauf/TERRAIN is designed for Windows 10/11 desktop and tablet PCs. It is powerful, lightweight and will work on almost any device with .NET Framework 4.8 and OpenGL 4.0. You can try the full version 30 days for free without any registration! If you're happy with planlauf/TERRAIN, you can purchase a license key and simply activate your trial version. Each license provides updates for at least one year, e.g., if you buy a license in 2023, you'll get the 2024 version for free. The license itself is perpetual but limited to the purchased version. If you have any questions, please send us an email. Please also have a look at tutorials.

After 30 days, the non-activated version of planlauf/TERRAIN has still all the functionality except for the import of raw data, the generation of tile files and the export of *.plfmap, *.plf3dm, *.plftrk and *.mbtiles files.

Download the latest Stable Release: planlaufTERRAIN2023_Setup.exe

Download the latest Weekly-Build: 20230507_planlaufTERRAIN2023_Setup.exe (see What's new?)

Download the Manual: planlaufTERRAIN2023_Manual.pdf

Download planlauf/SCREENSHOT to grab screenshots (see tutorial): planlaufSCREENSHOT.exe


You can purchase license keys for planlauf/TERRAIN from MyCommerce:

  • Non-commercial license (private or nonprofit use, research, education): 99 € incl. VAT   Buy Now
  • Commercial license (everything else): 299 € incl. VAT  Buy Now

These prices apply to customers in Germany, for other countries/currencies please follow the MyCommerce link. Each license key allows you to install planlauf/TERRAIN on two devices, e.g., on a desktop PC to decimate Digital Elevation Models and on a tablet PC to take the models to the field.

What's new in the latest Weekly-Build?

  • pTMerge 1.3 with bugfixes
  • DownloadHelper 1.9 with support for DTM data from Bayern, Germany
  • Bugfix: Three.js export failed with pin names including quotation marks
  • Terrain files from the mobile app are always read with UTF8 text encoding
  • Improved compatibility with Intel Iris Xe GPUs
  • Improved compatibility with GeoTIFFs in the Belgian Lambert 2008 projection
  • Bing Maps: centering on a location will also show a pin
  • Contour and grid line thickness can be changed for screenshots