These videos show how to use planlauf/TERRAIN in addition to the full description in the Manual. If you're a new user it's probably best to start with the basic tutorial on the bottom of the page. Please send us an email if you have any questions.

Create track files, 2D maps and 3D models for the mobile app and use the new sharing service

Creating a smooth water surface by editing the tile file

How to create a 3D model from the standard digital terrain model in Nordrhein-Westfalen?

Image Stitching - Creating High Resolution Map Images

Downloading and Importing of Polish LiDAR Data

Install GDAL and FFmpeg and create a model of Maiden Castle

Merging high and low resolution DEMs with pTMerge

Local Relief Visualization

Editing Point Clouds

Fly-throughs with 3D views and Presentation mode


Combining DTM with DSM data


Create an overlay image from a point cloud


Tile Manager


Combination of Local Relief and Filled Tracks


Export clipped Sketchfab model


Image Rectification in planlauf/TERRAIN


Align Model to Image in planlauf/TERRAIN


 How to create a model of Maiden Castle


What's new in planlauf/TERRAIN 2017 R3?

0:00 Overview
0:25 Import Point Clouds
2:40 Adjust Local Relief Parameters
3:40 Local Relief Visualization
4:30 Image Overlay
5:20 Fly-through

What's new in planlauf/TERRAIN 2017 R2?

0:00 New regions in planlauf/TERRAIN's Mesh Decimation Service
0:40 Video recording with the help of FFmpeg
1:45 planlauf/TERRAIN Zip-packages from Twitter
2:05 Look-around animation feature

What's new in planlauf/TERRAIN 2017 R1?

00:25 Use the free version of planlauf/TERRAIN
00:40 Request a planlauf/TERRAIN Zip-package
02:35 Purchase Mesh Decimation Keys
03:20 Store your keys
03:55 Save and open the requested Zip-package
04:25 Edit trackpoints
05:10 Record a GPS track
05:30 Follow a track and center the model to the current location
05:45 Follow a track and align the model to the current track direction
06:35 Approach a point of interest
07:25 GPS location mode

planlauf/TERRAIN Video Tutorial

00:20 Download and install planlauf/TERRAIN
01:05 Display settings
01:35 Configure Bluetooth GPS receiver
02:50 Camera setup
03:00 Enter Bing Maps key
03:10 Download and install GDAL
04:20 Import XYZ-files and save a Tile file
06:15 Create a Terrain file
06:45 Zoom/Pan/Rotate
07:55 Set pins and plan a track
09:30 Edit pins and tracks
09:50 Bing Maps
10:30 Section plane
10:50 Import/export GPX and KML files
11:00 Crater detection
12:20 Heatmap
12:50 Fly-through
13:35 Screenshots
14:00 Import raster file via GDAL
15:05 Log a GPS track and take pictures
17:50 Create a zip package
18:05 Open zip package
18:55 Browse pictures